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One Form,
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Train to become a Certified RV Technician

Quick Path

Our Certified RV Technician program takes only 5 weeks to complete. 

High Success Rate

Due to the high demand for RV Technicians, most of our graduates move on to successful careers. 

Continued Education

The NRVTA has you covered with continued education after graduation to keep you at the top of your payscale. 

Cooper teaching student on RV Refrigerator.JPG

The National RV Training Academy

is the largest TWC certified RV technical career school in Texas with the most hands-on equipment. 

Instead of going into debt, go to a career school where you’re taught how to handle real-world situations.

The National RV Training Academy will prepare you to take the RV Technicians Association of America certification exam.  At the NRVTA, we work best when we’re hands-on. We believe the best training comes from learning in a realistic environment. Our 20,000 sqft facility set’s you directly in the environments you could expect to find working in the industry.

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