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As a Certified RV Technician

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Rvs break – and break often!

RVs are wonderful vehicles for providing housing when people are traveling. They have kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and, most importantly, bathrooms. They provide all the modern conveniences of a home away from home.

So what do people do?

The service centers at RV dealerships are overwhelmed with demand. First, they must ensure that all new and used RVs offered for sale are ready to be delivered to buyers. With record demand for RVs, the service side of an RV business is swamped just by providing support services to the sales department.

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Mobile RV Technicians to the rescue!

Consumers will generally pay the same amount of money to have a mobile technician come to their location to repair an RV as they would pay at a dealership. In fact, to avoid the hassle of taking an RV to a dealership, consumers are often willing to pay a service fee for the convenience of an on-site repair. A trained and certified mobile technician can show up, quickly diagnose the problem, complete the repair – or repairs – and move on without inconveniencing an RV owner in any way. 


The bottom line is there is rarely a need for an RV to go into a shop for the repairs to be completed.

There is a HUGE Demand

for NRVTA Certified RV Technicians and NRVIA Certified Inspectors. This is a great time to learn the skills necessary to start your own independent mobile business and start making the money you deserve.

The NRVTA Certified RV Technician program is 5 weeks of hands-on training and testing. Many of our graduates have never even seen the inside of an RV furnace but now have the confidence to troubleshoot and fix them.

The National RV Training Academy is the ONLY TWC licensed trade school in the country endorsed by the Texas RV Association and focused on developing future small business owners.

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