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NRVTA Interactive Video Portal

Go ahead, click the screen

Getting Started (1:33)

Getting started is as easy as picking a date and filling in your information. Go to and click on ENROLL NOW. Once enrolled you'll begin interacting with your instructor. 

If you're planning on coming to Athens, be sure to book your stay at the Texan RV Park. 

Did you know we have a discount on the full 5 week certified RV Tech course? 

NRVTA Course Information (10:54)

Unsure of where to start? No Problem! This video will answer your most common questions!


  • 0:00 What if I just want to work on my own RV?

  • 0:29 What is the home study course? 

  • 2:05 What is an NRVTA Registered Tech?

  • 3:46 Registered Credentials Explained

  • 4:32 What is an NRVTA Certified Tech?

  • 8:20 Certified Credentials Explained

  • 9:40 What is an NRVTA Master Tech?

Advanced Classes why (2:17)

Aside from being able to take my Certified Technician exam, what's the benefit of taking the advanced courses? 

What can I do with my credentials? (3:49)

Now that we know what each level of training is about. ​Watch as Terry Cooper explains what each course is for and what you're able to do with your new credentials. 

Coming to Athens, TX & Day 1 Tips (1:33)

Are you planning on going to Athens? Watch this video for tips and tricks. 

What's the Prep class and do I need it? (1:29)

What is the prep course and why you should take it. One 8 hour day dedicated to reviewing all of the topics learned throughout the week. This primer is extremely important and could help you pass the test and start helping other RVers get back on the road. 

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