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What can NRVTA Credentials do for you?

Unsure of where to start? No Problem! This video will answer your most common questions!


  • 0:00 What if I just want to work on my own RV?

  • 0:29 What is the home study course? 

  • 2:05 What is an NRVTA Registered Tech?

  • 3:46 Registered Credentials Explained

  • 4:32 What is an NRVTA Certified Tech?

  • 8:20 Certified Credentials Explained

  • 9:40 What is an NRVTA Master Tech?

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Limited Time Offer

Put "ZOOM" in the Referred By box when purchasing the Basic RV Maintainance Course and receive the Home Study Online Course for FREE. That's a $397 value 

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